MBA Program Project Award—Outstanding Business Consultancy Plan

This award is presented annually to an MBA graduate who has developed an outstanding plan supporting the analysis and recommendations of an existing business and who has exhibited exceptional, original graduate-level work in Walden’s MBA program.

Each academic year, the MBA instructors who teach the capstone course will nominate MBA program projects in the Outstanding Business Consultancy Plan category. These projects are reviewed by MBA faculty members and a list of finalists is then selected. Based on the award selection criteria, the MBA Awards committee will choose the recipient of the MBA Program Project Award—Outstanding Business Consultancy Plan.


2013: Colin Mitchell–Project: The Sherwin-Williams Company

2012: Kimberly Hanrahan–Project: Customer Operations Analysis

2011: Melinda Jermison – Project: A Study With Recommendations for Success: A Look at a Global Conglomerate in the 21st Century 

2010: Michael Genebach – Project: TATI