Presidential Scholarship Recipients Named

Three master’s program graduates continue their commitment to public service through their professional and volunteer work while pursuing doctoral degrees.

Posted on July 1, 2012

July 2012—The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to graduates of a Walden University master’s program who demonstrate a personal, continued commitment to public service as they work toward a doctorate to improve their professional effectiveness. In June, Walden named three 2012 recipients:

Recipient: Juliana Forrest-Lytle ’11
Program: MS in Mental Health Counseling to PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision
Title: Full-time student and former intern at The LifeSource Group LLC in St. Augustine, Fla.

Public Service Goal: To provide community volunteer counseling services and mentor up-and-coming counselors.

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: “I will gain knowledge within the field of counseling to help shape future counselors and to segue into the role of an educator in the field.”
Recipient: Cernata Morse ’09
Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA) to PhD in Management
Title: Strategic communications consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., in McLean, Va.

Public Service Goal: To continue partnering with the Fairfax County Police Department to provide young men with academic support, social services, and mentoring to increase their graduation rates.

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: “I have a deep passion to reach out and create opportunities to help individuals fulfill their dreams.”
Recipient: Jennifer Scott ’10
Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA) to Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Title: Research training manager at Southern Cross University in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

Public Service Goal: To provide increased awareness and understanding within post-graduate research studies and evaluate how they can be improved to benefit students and supervisors in post-graduate research.

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: “The outcome of my doctoral study will give me increased knowledge and understanding I can apply directly to my workplace to enhance the higher degrees offered by our university.”

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