Articles from the Winter/Spring 2015 issue of our award-winning Walden alumni magazine

Letter From Alumni Relations

Valescia Lee-Collick.

Letter From Alumni Relations
Alumni relations director Valescia Lee-Collick celebrates the challenges that alumni overcome along their journeys
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Illustration credit: Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Dream Teams
Learn how to build strong, productive teams
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Christina Dalpiaz. Photo credit: Theo Stroomer.

Saving Children, Saving Herself
Christina Dalpiaz creates safe havens for families affected by abuse
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Man looking out window.

An Everyday Aha!
Five alumni share a simple stroke of genius that changed their lives
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Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally.

Beyond Borders
Delivering books to Guyana
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Dr. Chad A. McAllister.

Create market-winning products
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Dr. Eloise Denise Stewart.

How It Paid Off
From teacher to district supervisor
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Three people in front of an airplane.

From the Field
Ambulance in the sky
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Dr. Patrick Palmieri.

Meet the Faculty
Leaving a healthy footprint
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Marren Chunga. Photo credit: Gibel Kuria.

Lifelong Learners
Practicing mindful medicine
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Dr. Krista K. Laursen.

Broadening My Horizons
Growing as a project manager
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Dr. Samuel O. Ijoma.

Why I Refer
Sharing a passion for education
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David Andrade. Photo credit: Kate Eisemann.

Beyond the Degree
Melding teaching and engineering
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Laura C. Bulluck.

My Mission Possible
Launching a nonprofit to empower women
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Dr. Lee Ann Walker.

How It Paid Off
From corporate to academic
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Dr. Jeremy W. Francis.

Applying My Research
Preparing first responders
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Dr. Alvin Perry.

Sharing success to strengthen careers
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News & Notes

Andy and Ellen C. Raupp.

Spotlight: Teacher Tech
How two alums built an app to revolutionize the way educators track student progress
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One Degree, Many Careers
See the diverse mix of careers held by Master of Public Health graduates
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Donna Walden (center).

How I Did It
How one alumna fought through the challenges to earn her bachelor’s degree at the same time as two of her children
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