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Letter From the President

Cynthia Baum

Letter From the President
President Cynthia G. Baum, Ph.D., shares a series of recognitions that are available to alumni.


Photo credit: Valerie Simmons

When I Grow Up
Inspire children to find fulfilling professions.

Dr. Norma Bowe. Photo credit: Peter Howard

Life Before Death
Dr. Norma Bowe uses the taboo subject to inspire her students to rethink how they live.

Sarah Chayes. Photo credit: Jenny Abreau

Influencing the Debate
An author and social entrepreneur shares her hard-earned lessons for effecting social change.


James McDaniel. Photo credit: Jamie Turner

Lifelong Learners
Breathing new life into hospice care

Kimberly Portanova-Feibus. Photo credit: Stephen Spartana

My Mission Possible
The power of equine-assisted therapy

Dr. Kimberly Sabrina McDuffie

How It Paid Off
From teacher to dean of students

Dr. Katrina Fuller

Beyond the Degree
Educating new parents

Kelley Malcolm

Run a successful event

Anthony and Kimberly Price

Why I Refer
Expanding the Walden family

Dr. Phillip Neely

Helping others go further

From the Field
In the line of fire

Dr. Carol Parker

Beyond Borders
Effecting change in Tanzania

Dr. Debra Rose Wilson

Meet the Faculty
On the values of self-care and selflessness

Dr. Rafael Matos

Broadening My Horizons
How to humanize math

News & Notes

Dr. David Solot. Photo credit: Lisa Godfrey

Correcting Bias
Stop yelling at your windshield—and give compassion a chance

One Degree, Many Careers
See the diverse mix of careers held by M.S. in Psychology graduates

Dr. Amy K. Swan. Photo credit: J. Blue Swan

How I Did It
How one alumna persevered through eight heart surgeries to complete
her Ph.D.

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