Narrator: Your Walden education will inform and enrich the rest of your life.

Dr. Ronald Paige, PhD Education Graduate: Graduation most people look at as something finite. This has been anything but a finite event.

Narrator: Our support will also continue after you complete your program, through the Alumni Relations Office, which will keep you connected to the Walden learning community around the world. More than 25,000 graduates are members of the Walden Alumni Network. You will continue to be connected to this network through online and in person events. Through our online alumni lecture series, you can continue your professional growth with practical advice on topics like networking, publishing, mentoring, and public speaking.

The Alumni Relations Office also organizes Walden’s National Day of Service where you can join with the Walden community around the world to participate in a local service project. Each year hundreds of people in the United States and at other Laureate International University Network institutions put Walden’s social change mission to work. As a member of the Laureate International University Network of more than 40 accredited institutions in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. With a presence spanning 20 countries and serving nearly 500,000 students worldwide, Walden’s potential to effect positive social change is greatly increased.

Alumni are also welcome to visit and share ideas with faculty, students, and fellow graduates at Walden hospitality suites hosted at commencement, residencies, and professional conferences. There is also a little time for fun at many of the social functions. You’ll also receive our award winning magazine filled with informative and inspiring articles about Walden alumni making a difference in the world.