Walden Residency Experience – An Inside Look

If you want to find out how Walden University's residency program works, now is your chance. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What you can expect at your residency.
  • The benefits of attending residency.
  • Tips for making the most of your residency experience.

Experience Online Learning with Walden University For International Prospective Students 

View our online seminar where we give you an in-depth look into the e-learning environment. Topics that will be discussed:

  • A brief overview of myWalden, your university portal
  • A better understanding of the Student Readiness Orientation
  • An in-depth look at the Walden classroom and online learning environment

Study Abroad Webinar

Watch a free information session on the study abroad trips to Russia and Costa Rica. Get a glimpse of these exciting adventures that will expand your learning beyond the classroom.

Walden Scholars of Change: Making Strides in Breast Cancer Awareness

A Walden education can prepare you to make a positive difference in the world, and during this webinar, Andriel Davis-Brice, student, Ph.D. in Psychology and Melissa Thomas, ’07 Ph.D. in Public Health, ’03 Master of Public Health shared what they are doing to make an impact in their communities.

As breast cancer awareness advocates, Davis-Brice and Thomas shared their personal stories of how their Walden education has empowered them in the fight against breast cancer. You’ll also learn:

  • How they are leading the charge to reduce breast cancer rates in their hometowns in Texas and rural Ohio.
  • What it means to be a Scholar of Change.
  • How a Walden education can help prepare you to make a difference in your life, your field, and your community.

Walden Scholars of Change: Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

How can a Walden education help you effect positive social change in your community?

Join 2010 Scholar of Change and Ph.D. in Public Health graduate Dr. Kelly Wheeler and 2012 Scholar of Change and 2013 M.S. in Mental Health Counseling graduate Jodi Vermaas as they discuss their remarkable journeys of learning and leading social change. They will share how they first began their volunteer work and how they balance schoolwork with family, career, and service commitments.

You’ll also learn:

  • Tips for applying your Walden education to your volunteer work.
  • What it means to be a scholar-practitioner.
  • How our panelists are continuing to lead social change today.

Explore Walden’s Digital Library

This informative presentation will explore the library’s resources and services and how you can use them to facilitate your academic success.

Supporting Your Success: Introduction to the Writing Center

You are invited to view “Supporting Your Success: Introduction to the Writing Center”. In this on-demand presentation, you will hear Writing Center staff discuss how Walden can help you strengthen your writing skills and better express your ideas.

Investments: Stock Markets & Alternatives 

Presented by Dr. Roberto Castaneda and Dr. Marc McIntosh of Walden's School of Management, this webinar will help you navigate today's uncertain economy.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace 

Presented by Dr. Barbara Benoliel, president of Preferred Solutions and a professional mediator and facilitator specializing in alternative dispute resolution.

Manage Stress by Managing Time: Time to Refrain 

Presented by Dr. Cheryl Keen, Specialization Coordinator for Walden's Foundations and Core Courses in Education.

A Salute to Walden's Military Community

At Walden University, we are proud of our many students, faculty, and alumni who have served our country. In recognition of Veterans Day, we hosted “A Salute to Walden’s Military Community” to honor our U.S. military veterans and active-duty service members. This special webinar featured a panel of accomplished alumni and students who discussed why they entered the military and what Veterans Day means to them and share their experiences as military students at Walden.

A Conversation with Walden Alumni

During this interactive and engaging discussion, you will hear from alumni who have successfully juggled multiple priorities—studies, work, family, outside interests, and health and wellness—and who offered effective approaches for navigating your educational journey at Walden. This is your opportunity to hear directly from alumni and learn about practical strategies for managing everything from study time and class participation to ultimately achieving the life-school balance and successfully completing your degree program.

Make Your Impact with Walden U

Are you looking to advance your career or start a new one? If so, earning a Walden University degree can help you meet your personal and professional goals. Through this Walden On-Demand Webinar, you will discover Walden’s five colleges, offering more than 60 online degree programs and more than 300 specializations and concentrations. You will also learn about your funding options and how to begin the Walden application process.

Funding Your Walden Education

At Walden University, we understand that funding your education is a significant investment. Two-thirds of Walden students receive some form of financial aid. Through this Walden On-Demand Webinar, you will learn about the variety of financial assistance options available to help make your educational goals fit your budget.

Your First Steps to Success

Join Walden representatives for an engaging presentation on the journey you will take to become a Walden student. This Walden On-Demand Webinar will provide a brief introduction to Walden, with a broad overview of who we are and what makes us different. Next, you will review Walden’s online application form and discuss the additional materials you may be required to submit as part of your application. We will then talk briefly about what to expect after you apply. Finally, we will complete the presentation with a live tour of myWalden and explore the many benefits of this student portal.

The Walden Classroom

Join Walden representatives for an engaging presentation about the Walden classroom experience. This Walden On-Demand Webinar will walk you through the features of myWalden, your gateway to everything you will need as a Walden University student. Gain a better understanding of the Student Readiness Orientation-a free, self-paced course that introduces you to the online learning environment-and tour a live view of the online classroom, where you will navigate through the features you will use as a Walden student.

Inside Walden: FAQs Answered

Join Walden representatives for an engaging presentation about the Walden student experience. This Walden On-Demand Webinar will walk you through the many departments that Walden students interact with and how they will support you through you educational journey. Gain a better understanding of how your Walden degree program will be structured, and learn about the various program components that will culminate into a Walden degree.