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Most Popular Walden On-Demand Webinars

  • Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness
    The new emphasis on teacher effectiveness is changing the K–12 education landscape. What does the latest research suggest about the impact of teacher effectiveness on student achievement? What are the best strategies for enhancing teacher effectiveness? And how do district leaders assess the effect of this new emphasis on teacher effectiveness on professional development and higher education? Join our panel of education leaders and experts as they explore these issues and more.
  • Wireless and Well Prepared: The E-mergence of Technology in the Classroom
    This Walden On-Demand Webinar examines the latest technology tools, their application and impact on various learning styles, and the role public and private partnerships play in the technological advancement of education. This Walden On-Demand Webinar features some of the nation’s premier thought leaders on technology, including College of Education faculty member Dr. David Thornburg.
  • M.S. in Education: Teaching in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Classrooms 
    Nearly half of U.S. children under age five are classified as a racial or ethnic minority. Children in this new wave, with distinct cultural and linguistic characteristics, are entering schools where their predecessors have traditionally been underserved.
  • Tackling the Practicum Components of the Walden Nursing Program
    What is the practicum component, and why is it important for an advanced degree in nursing? Learn how your employer can help you complete the practicum.
  • Tackling the Face-to-Face Components of an Online Psychology Program 
    What is the Academic Year in Residence, and why is it important for a career in psychology? Follow along as the presenters review the face-to-face residency requirements and benefits of the Ph.D. in Psychology program and the fieldwork experience it offers.

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